Let's go viral - the good kind!

As we've been running "Jiu-Jitsu" class during these different times and we are fully aware that the kids are not learning the technical aspects of the sport.

We are using this time to build health habits, we are building the connections of fun and friends with healthy exercise. Hopefully we will be back learning technique soon; but until then we are looking for creative ways to create engagement.

This week we are working on a class video. All remote, the kids will be "fighting" each other. You might have seen some videos of this style done by MMA fighters, but if not, here is a link to an example video:

I've asked the kids to film themselves in a short 15-30 second clip of them getting "hit" and then "hitting back".

For reference, here is the raw footage that Harlow came up with. She added a little back story, you are welcome to, or not, get as creative as you are comfortable with.

We will be talking about the video again today in class. Feel free to contact me if your kids, or you, need any help sending the video. You can send it using google photos, iphotos, dropbox, anything works....

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